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Hands on contract administration

Contract Administration, as opposed to Project Management, is solely focused around the protection of each party's rights under the Contract, and the maintenance of a fair and balanced position at all times throughout the progress of the project.

Pre Contract Stage
Our role as Contract Administrators begins with the review or preparation of the final Contract Document. The experience of our team in the Middle East, as both Contractors and Consultants, provides a broad understanding of the common problems encountered on both sides of the fence, enabling us to incorporate critical clauses and provisions within the Contract Documents, thus minimizing the possibility of disputes between the Contract parties.

Contract Stage
During the progress of the project, we aim to secure the contractual rights of our Clients by continuously monitoring the project progress, the relationships between the parties, and ensuring the proper documentation of all events as required under the Contract. Furthermore, we provide professional services in the preparation and negotiation of claims or counter-claims (as the case may require), detailing the events leading to the claim, the various damages incurred and the sought compensation in terms of time and money.

Post Contract Stage
In the event of disputes that are not resolved amicably, we offer dispute resolution services, either through mediation (which is an informal process whereby the parties are assembled by the mediator to reach a mutually acceptable settlement) or through arbitration under UNCITRAL or other internationally acknowledged rules. We maintain the strictest codes of ethics and confidentiality in this domain, and are thus only involved in dispute resolution in projects which we have not been involved in as representatives of either party, and where no conflict of interest may possibly be envisaged.

Our Experience within the Middle East
These are some of the projects that team members at CONSSULT have had direct experience in as Contract Administrators:

Childrens’ Cancer Hospital 57357 - Consultant to Owner (production of Tender Documents for Extension Project, Evaluation of Tenders).
Cairo Sheraton Refurbishment - Consultant to Contractor - New Administrative Capital Central Business District – Consultant to Main Contractor (preparation of sub-contracts).
American University in Cairo - Consultant to BOO Contractor.
Cairo Festival City - Consultant to District Cooling Plant Contractor - Contract Value US$ 26,000,000.
Cement Plant Assiut – Consultant to Owner – Contract Value US$ 145,000,000.
Kuwaiti Diplomatic HQ Cairo - Consultant to Contractor - Contract value US$ 23,000,000.
Grand Hyatt Hotel Cairo - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 27,000,000.
Dar Al Fouad Hospital - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 8,000,000.
Faisal Islamic Bank HQ - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 13,000,000.
Egypt Air Engineering Base - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 14,750,000.
Smart Village Cairo - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 9,500,000.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building Cairo - MEP Contractor Contract Administrator - Contract value US$ 4,500,000.

For a recent list of projects we have worked on, please visit our Projects section.

Our Credentials- Affiliations
Aside from the on-hand project experience, we have the following credentials from:

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) - Associate Member
Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA) - Member
Egyptian Alternate Dispute Resolution Association - Member