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Post Contract - Construction Stage

Contract Review:
Review of Contract documents to ensure security of all Contractor/Employer rights and incorporation of all necessary clauses and conditions.

Variations & Claims:
Preparation of variations and claims to be submitted to Engineer/Employer, in accordance with the Contract procedures and requirements. Alternatively, review and analysis of variations and claims submitted by Contractor, and preparation of counter-claims.

Quantity Surveying:
Review/preparation of Contractor’s interim and final payments in accordance with Contract Conditions. Read more >>

Contract Administration:
Regular review of procedures, time schedule and correspondence to ensure the proper administration of the Contract. Read more >>

Project Management:
Assuming the complete role of the “Engineer” (as defined in FIDIC and similar standard contracts), including follow-up of Contractor’s activities, costs and time schedule, reporting to the Employer and managing the project as a whole. Read more >>

In case of disputes between parties, conducting mediation sessions in accordance with international regulations, as well as those of the Egyptian ADR Association in order to resolve amicably and to the benefit of all parties.

Wherever mediation is unsuccessful, assuming the role of Arbitrator, either as assigned by one Party, or as Lead Arbitrator, in accordance with UNCITRAL and other standard procedures, in order to realize a fair determination of each Party's rights.